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Terms and Conditions:

  • The referral Program validity rights is with the company.
  • The company may run it for unlimited time or stop it whenever it wants.
  • The company may stop or pause the referral program as and when decided by the authority without any prior notice.
  • The referral program is not valid for people outside India.
  • The referral program in no way guarantees cashback only form and can be offered in form of the product packages, services, or in other forms like discounts and offers.
  • The payments /cashback will be paid through google pay only.
  • The amount of cashback and limit of buy may change without any prior notice. The percentage of cashback which is currently 5%,10%,15% may increase or decrease without any prior notice.
  • Any person willing to join the referral/affiliate program should in no way misuse the information of products, price, company policy, name, brand, or use unfair means to promote the UNIQUE CODE provide after joining the referral program.
  • Any person found to be misusing the information of Seahath/Oceans secret /Mimmi/ Bluna /Seacrown products in any form that leads to regional, communal, or brand conflict, he/she will be the only person liable for any legal action taken against him/her and the company, under no circumstances to be blamed for such actions.
  • The referral program is not to be used as any forms of MLM /chain marketing or click baits.
  • Any referral partner has no right to demand cashback /offers unless its decided and offered by the company authority based on the website usage and shopping protocols of the company.
  • The UNIQUE coupon code validity may expire without any prior notice.