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Canned Food Myths – Solved

Canned Food Myths- Solved

Many people believe that canned food is not good, it’s poor in quality, has lots of preservatives and has other bad reputations. Canned foods tend to have a lot of misconceptions. So, Let’s find out the myths and facts in just 2 minute read.

Myth No. 1:  

Canned foods have no dietary values and cannot be included in A healthy diet.

Real fact: 

People who consume more canned foods tend to have a higher intake of fruits and vegetables and a higher intake of nutrients compared to people who consume fewer canned fruits and vegetables.

canned foods have appropriate values of nutrition to be used in a healthy meal plan or balanced diet, Specially for a protein diet, where canned fish like Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel play an important role. 

Myth no.2

Canned foods are highly processed.

Real fact:

Canned foods are minimally processed, but many people think that they require more processing than frozen or other packaged foods. 

After being picked at peak ripeness and quality, fruits, vegetables and beans travel to a local cannery to be cleaned, chopped, peeled and or/ steamed (if necessary). When it comes to fish like tuna and sardines, they go through rigorous quality checks and are handpicked and cooked at high temperatures and sealed, the cans are quickly heated to preserve the contents and to create an airtight seal to keep food fresh and safe until eaten. In One line, they are cooked and sealed. That’s all

Myth no 3:

Foods that come in cans are not as nutritious as fresh and frozen varieties.

Real fact:

When it comes to nutrition, canned food nutrition has the same impact as frozen or fresh foods. Research shows many canned foods can be as nutritious, and in some cases, more nutritious than their fresh and frozen counterparts. And also, one benefit is that canned food is cheaper than fresh food and are available all year round. So, your nutrition all year round won’t be hampered.

Myth no 4:

Canned foods are very high in sodium.

Real fact:

Not all canned food has high sodium. It depends on your selection of brand and item you choose. Most of the canned food of oceans secret has zero sodium. 

 The fact is canned foods do not require salt or sodium for preservation, and manufacturers are increasingly answering the demand for lower sodium varieties of your favourite canned foods. Above that, Draining and rinsing canned food reduces sodium further by up to 41%.

Myth 5:

Canned food has lots of preservatives because they last so long

Real fact:

Canned foods do not require preservatives, yet People surveyed incorrectly think they do. Just as when canned at home, foods sold in steel cans are already cooked, so they do not need preservatives to prevent spoilage. Most canned foods are preservative-free.

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