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All About Oceans Secret

Oceans secret is India’s leading brand of canned tuna owned by SEAHATH CANNING COMPANY - India’s largest manufacturers of canned SEAFOOD products. The company’s vision of providing the global customer base with healthy seafood from the treasures of the oceans, coupled with the factors of price affordability, quality & taste resulted in the creation of OCEANS SECRET.

Catering to the diverse taste preferences of customers’ oceans secret is the only brand with 15 different variants of canned Tuna & Sardines.The Products We Distribute Are as Follows :

Tuna Variants

If Tuna in Olive Oil is the premium make which is the most preferred & picked up variety by customers for all the richness it has to offer to its owner, there is Tuna in Vegetable Oil which lags not far behind the olive oil variant. Most Spice loving buyers lay their hand on Tuna in Oil with Red chilly & cracked Pepper for this selection makes the eaters tongue tangier & wanting more of the taste, Tuna in Oil with Ginger Slice & Tuna in Oil with Lemon slice are no less in filling the taste buds with natural gingery & Lemon flavor, for those tuna lovers who for years have been making sandwiches out of canned tuna, 3 variants of OCEANS SECRET namely Tuna in Mayonnaise, Tuna Flakes & Tuna Salad are but a delight to say the least. Completing the list are Tuna in Brine & Tuna in Spring Water for all those who want to stay oil free. What seems to be the case of serving a delicious tuna recipe from ocean to plate is not before, the care, concern & hard work put in using the most sophisticated advanced technology and the critically monitored process & quality standards. Your genuine satisfaction of our products & dishes makes it all worth the effort & pain Enjoy our tongue tantalizing oceans secret dishes & recipes Team OCEANS SECRET